Different type of heavy duty trailer and semi-trailer.
Custom-made in Germany, Europe. Top quality and very competitive price.

RAC-GERMANY™ is located in Fulda, Germany (Europe) and manufacture different kind of heavy duty trailer and semi-trailer:

Heavy haul lowbed semi-trailer for transport of very heavy equipment in the oil field

Oil field semi-trailer

Rear tipping semi-trailers built to be on the highest level of quality and dependability.

Tipping Semi-Trailer

Customized agricultural semitrailer. Uniquely designed for the transportation of cane sugar plants from field to sugar factory.

Agricultural Semitrailer

Lowboy for save transportation of heavy construction machines in off-road conditions.

Low-bed Semi-Trailer

Heavy duty tank semi-trailer for safe transport of dangerous goods and bulk liquids.

Fuel and Water Tank Semi-Trailer

Vacuum tank semi-trailer, off-road application, for transport of drilling and oil mud, oil sand, slurry, sewage and waste water etc.

Vacuum tank semi-trailer

RAC-GERMANY™ trailers and semi-trailers are tough built for heavy duty transport jobs and well known for highest reliability in roughest conditions. We are using high-quality European steel for the chassis and superstructure and German and European trailer components such as BPW and SAF axles, HYVA tipping cylinders, WABCO brakes, JOST landing legs etc. RAC-Germany TM trailers and semi-trailers are suitable for harsh climate conditions. Our trailers are robust, reliable, durable and easy to maintain.

RAC-GERMANY™ trailers and semi-trailers are custom-built from the ground up without compromises. We tailor individually semi-trailer to every transport requirement.

Our customers work in the oil fields, in mines and on big construction sites. They operate sugar- and cement factories and huge agricultural plantations and so on.

Please contact directly our Senior Export Manager, Mr. Ralf Clobes if you are looking for an individual solution that meets your requirements. Mr. Ralf Clobes will answer your inquiry as quickly and detailed as possible.